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At Enhance Business Consulting, we work closely with our clients to streamline and improve their business processes, re-structure business operations and establish a platform for growth.

With experience in all areas of business operations and management we offer a holistic approach when supporting your business and use a simple 3 stage process.

There is nothing worse than paying for a list of recommendations and then doing nothing with them.

How many times have you attended a conference or workshop and walked away with brilliant learning and ideas, but never actually done anything about it?

At Enhance Business Consulting we help you implement business changes and project manage these changes for you.


If you are:

Enhance Business Consulting can:


Enhance Business Consulting provides a wide range of business support services that can be tailored to meet your individual business needs. All of our services aim to help improve upon your current business strategy, business processes and business growth.

Admin Support

Business Operation & Growth

Business Process Improvement

Business Strategy

Change Management

Document Development

Project Support, Scoping & Management

Strategic Planning

You will also be connected with specialist providers when required to achieve the outcomes of your plans. Enhance Business Consulting has done the research for you and found credible suppliers in the areas of finance, HR, web design, systems development, insurance, industry alignment and network support. All of your solutions will be filtered via one consultant to save you even more time and energy. Enhance Business Consulting receives no payments for referrals, we only refer quality providers who have proven their work over time.


Services can be facilitated on Skype, over the phone and where there is availability, in person.


Enhance Business Consulting services clients nationally.

Business Consulting for the Painting Industry

Enhance Business Consulting has partnered with Likeminded Painters Australia to provide you with support to implement change in your business. Enhance Business Consulting has a proven track record in the painting industry, helping businesses grow by implementing better strategies for running and managing their businesses.

Business Consulting - Likeminded Painters

Benefit from getting the support you need to grow your profits and increase cashflow.

Typical results our committed painting clients are getting include:

We are here to help you Get It Done. Enhance Business Consulting focuses on implementation of business improvements, we do not just tell you what to do – we do it with you, to make sure you see outcomes. That is why we are YOUR PARTNER IN CHANGE AND IMPROVEMENT.


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